Insurance Recruiters for Toronto Insurance Industry

Our Mission
Our mission is to support and strengthen our Client's organizations by enhancing their leadership through the careful selection of qualified and accomplished insurance professionals.


Executive Search

Having the right person in a key management position is critical to an organization's growth and success. The Insurance Consulting Group provides a strategic and systematic approach to sourcing and attracting the best candidate. We are committed to identifying candidates who not only meet the specifications and requirements of the position, but also possess leadership, excellence and qualities in keeping with the missions and values of our client's organization to enable the successful achievements of their short and long term objectives and outcome. Having detailed company knowledge provides us with valuable insights in order to attract and thoroughly evaluate high profile candidates and to represent you with accuracy and efficiency in the insurance industry.

Each search is unique and custom designed to meet our client's specific needs. Meeting the ever changing demands of the insurance industry; The Insurance Consulting Group has the experience and networking to identify and advance key professional and executives. We enter into a strategic partnership with our clients to assess organizational needs and goals, and develop precise requirements to identify and recruit the best possible candidates. The majority of our executive searches have been filled by having an on going relationship with senior management within the Insurance Industry. They were not reading the Want Ads or positing their resumes on the net.  Through our rigorous and systematic search process we seek out the high performers with proven track records who fully meet the demands of your position.

Contingency Search

We selectively recruit, screen and evaluate talented insurance professionals. We never refer candidates without their permission and a thorough understanding of the current opportunity.


The Insurance Consulting Group is an Employer paid search firm.
Please contact Pat Helferty to discuss fees and guarantees.