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Nov 4, 2010

What I Know

Category: General

I have been a recruiter for the insurance industry for over twenty five years. It has been a good fit for me because one of my main interests is understanding people and what makes them tick. In my work with both management and candidates I have the vantage point of seeing that every role within a primary, reinsurance and brokerage firm counts. From the filing clerk to the President; all roles must be in alignment and respected for a company to run smoothly and achieve their goals. The best organizations not only recognize that each employee has something to contribute but capitalize on this by bringing out their best. No matter what the role there are many routes to excellence. Gone are the days of a company staying competitive based solely on product, price and technology. If you want to predict the sustainability of a company you also need to look at their work environment and culture. How engaged are their employees; what is their ability to use their natural talents and grow. How do you retain existing staff and create loyal employees.  When you hire are you strengthening the talent pool or just plugging a hole. I feel lucky to be working in an industry where we as recruiters can make a significant contribution to the insurance industry and their employees. We must find the best fit possible of strengths and experience for a company to be at their best. At this level we contribute at a win/win and it doesn't get any better than that.

Roz Sommerfeld and I are happy to announce Carla Blackmore is joining our team. This is an exciting opportunity for me to work with two of the best from the insurance industry. Their combined experience and networking is unparalleled in the recruiting industry. It doesn't get any better than that!

Pat Helferty